Hello, I'm Ira Abramov, and this is my humble blog.

Over the last 4+ years of this blog's existance, about 4 people asked me why I write exclusively in Hebrew. While I have some good theoretical reasons, I want to test my theories before I post them here. I think I'll try a few posts in English and see if this effects readership and the richness of the discussion. This does NOT impose replying in English, mind you. Feel free to fill my ignorance with information in Hebrew if you'd like (and I do admit that I AM an ignorant on many matters I write about, I do it as a way of thinking aloud). If you'd like to subscribe to my drivel in in English only, then this is the feed. I made some very basic changes in the theme and CSS for this to display right, but if it proves popular, I'll try to fix a few more of the textual elements of the display.

3 תגובות בנושא “English”

  1. Ira, Thank you for making the attempt to post in English. I speak Hebrew adequately but my reading skills are not up to that level, so I hope you will continue to post here as well.

  2. Thanks for posting in English. This way, innovative Israeli energy gets communicated to the entire world. This is important. So is your contribution! Thanks.

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