A best-effort collection of Propaganda's lost treasures, which will one day reside again at Bowie Poag's new site, enjoy!!

Propaganda was originally hosted on propaganda.themes.org and was taken down. I have been searching for bits and pieaces of this remarkable collection for a while, and this is the result of this search.

This collection totals at over 50 megs of images. It was considered huge in 2001 :)

If you want to download the entire beast, there's a tarball of the images, and another of the HTML indices as hosted here.

Volume #1: Frozen Eagle Project
Volume #2: The Menudo Conspiracy
Volume #3: No Sympathy for Redmond
Volume #4: One Nation - One Desktop
Volume #5: Follow the Leader
Volume #6: Silence Means Security
Volume #7: Operation Magic Bus
Volume #8: 10,000,000 Penguins
Volume #9: Turn on Your Funk Motor
Volume #10: 1999 Redmond Invasion Tour
Volume #11: The Road to Victory
Volume #12: No Sympathy for Redmond 2
Volume #13: Mickeysoft Employee
Volume #13.5: Debian special edition
Volume #14: Rebirth
Volume #15: Mickeysoft Appreciation Day
Volume #16: forgery researched
Volume #17: Millenium unfolding
Propaganda for E
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